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Kalise enrolled in the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, METCO program at a very early age and graduated from the program with honors. Given her background with METCO, this alum has a deep understanding of the complications and beauty produced in cultural diverse classrooms. It was at this young age that she made the decision to always confront racism and found her passion for teaching. The METCO experience instilled in Kalise a lifelong passion to always confront racism and continuously educate others.

In 2017 Kalise received her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Management. Kalise received her B.A. in Humanities with a concentration in interpersonal communications from Bradford College and a Masters degree in educational administration from The University of Vermont. Kalise has worked at numerous colleges /universities and K-12 districts which has given her a unique and in-depth understanding of the American educational system. As the Executive Director of Empowering Multicultural Initiatives with curriculum development and instructional responsibilities she learned the importance of appropriate consistent professional development for teachers. This position also allowed her to work with and provide professional development to educators across the commonwealth and the New England area.

Kalise Wornum

Kalise next received her administration license after completing an ELI program through the Boston University/Education Collaborative program enabling her to better identify the perspectives of school leaders. Furthermore, she is currently the K12 Wellesley METCO Director and is frequently described as an incredibly energetic, informative, dynamic presenter. Her truly authentic entrance into this very complex and daunting conversation relaxes all and makes this seeming impenetrable topic extremely approachable.

“It is my mission as an educator to help teachers recognize where race and learning intersect and eradicate all forms of racism from the classroom. It is my life's work to relentlessly purse this goal and in doing so the beauty of teaching and learning will be experienced by both student and teacher.”