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We are the premier provider of cultural proficiency training for educators. In the field of education the firm will train participants to become culturally proficient. Our premise is that teaching and learning are greatly improved when educators employ an effective cultural proficient framework. Through this training, administrators will have an increased ability to coach and evaluate teachers in alignment with the state rubrics.

Our training model can be designed to meet the needs of all organizations as they begin to develop strategies on how to have authentic conversations about race and culture. The list below reflects our most requested offerings.

Workshops, Courses, and Keynote Topics

  • Teacher Training in Cultural Proficiency
  • Strategies for Having Conversations about Race and Ethnicity
  • How to Talk to Young Children about Race and Culture
  • Best Practices for Having Difficult Conversations
  • How to Supervise and Coach Staff around Cultural Proficiency
  • Building Relationships with Diverse Learners
  • Techniques in Addressing Personal Bias While Defining Your Authentic Self
  • Supporting Culturally Diverse Classrooms and Schools for Educational Leaders
  • Curriculum on How to Teach Literature, Which Has Racially Sensitive Language
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